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White Rhino Industries started in 1998 in a garage in Simi Valley with only one manual milling machine. Approximately one year later we saw the need to move the business into the age of CNC machining. We purchased our first vertical milling machine, A Haas VF2. This put us on the road to better prototype and production machining. With the acquisition of more manual equipment (i.e.: lathe, saws and another Bridgeport) the backbone of White Rhino Industries was taking place.


In 2005 we made the move to our first outside facility 67 W. Easy Street #116, in Simi Valley, CA 93065. Soon after that move we acquired a Haas VF4 milling machine and a CNC turning center.


Now currently located at 4450 Shopping Lane Simi Valley, CA 93063, business has been good and growth, steady.


We continue to provide high quality machining of all types.

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